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Nuove opportunità dal Mediterraneo.

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A barrier against the evolution of the liquid society.

The liquid society represents what is nowadays sponsored, exalted and emphasized from the modern sociology. It means insecurity, uncertainty and fear of falling behind and being overwhelmed. Nowadays what is important is to go always fast and forever. Also the capital has lost interest both for the local areas as well as for the persons and activities.

THE GREAT FINANCE ENGINE, elaborates actions and decisions in a very short time day by day more stringent. It means: days, hours and minutes,...
The daily profit follows an unattainable target.
The business value is measured in hours.

In the seventies for instance, one share-holder used to manage his own shares for a medium period of ten years. nowadays such time is at maximum of two months. People buy and sell to gain all at the present aiming to reach the maximum profit.

The speculation has no eyes and ears for nature, persons and future of new young generations. Even politics uses the same tools: the consensus today and the SPREAD of the day after.

For instance inside the European community that should be called EUROPE, BCE discriminate the MEDITERRANEAN AREA allowing the companies and the populations of the VIRTUOUS REGIONS to get financial credits at 0,7%-1,0% interest.

The situation for Mediterranean regions is instead fully different. This means that for one of the countries belonging to Mediterranean area, such financial credit has an interest of 10%!

The result is loss of competition for the companies.

Job disappears, population becomes poor and the young generation loose hope in the future.

7 Points To Change

- Economy
- Work
- Territory
- School and Education
- Justice
- Social Solidarity and Safety
- Environment and Future

Economy: to facilitate the support of families and industrial activities on behalf of a SOCIAL COMPENSATION SOLIDARITY INSTITUTE (I.C.S.). It means an interchange of goods and services giving to them an appropriated value. in this contest the role of money is less important. In short terms it will be marginal. I.C.S. will proposes alternative to the traditional financial rules (e.g.: currency changes, values and guarantees, supply materials agreement), while implementing through cooperation a macro economic area for benefits sharing.

Work: the new economy is intended to create working opportunities both for men, women and young people. It will encourage competitiveness in a sustainable way with the environment. Doing one hundred the total value, 20% will be for social guarantees and services, 30% industries net profit, 50% innovation and support to the development and new opportunities.

Territory: the value of the local territories has to be emphasized. Geographical, geological, environmental, storical, social and cultural subjects will be very helpful to reach this target.

School and Education: the local territory administrations have to address the compulsory school access creating basic opportunities and outstanding features. Selection will be according to the attitudes and capacities. enterprises will guarantee financial help for research and innovation.

: tradition and independence will be a warranty. Anyway, well appropriated specializations will be promoted in relation to the new local social and economic realty.

Social Solidarity and Safety
: territory, new economy and work shall govern the new realty that is: health insurance, pension equity fund, temporary work agency, service for young people integration, service for the territory control.

Environment and Future: the new economy will take care of the local environment ensuring the application of the rules for the protection of a global sustainable ecosystem.

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