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Nuove opportunità dal Mediterraneo.

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ICS "Solidarity Institute for Compensation"

ICS promotes CMG, national and international, involving exchanges of products, raw materials, platforms, systems and transfer of technological know-how, skilled labor and, of social solidarity and cultural activities.

Compensatory trade practices
that the obligations of the parties are resolved in a reciprocal flow of goods and / or services and where money plays a possible role, and generally marginal.
ICS proposes forms of balance beyond the mere material supply agreements, starting with cooperation and participation of members, macro-economic area of benefit sharing.

I.C.S. provides the net of a real concerted industrial strategy and employment, business support, innovation and job protection of the individual.
No rules of conditioning credit and financial speculation. The purpose of the resources available is the development of opportunities and local traditions, emphasizing territory and population, in a privileged and compatible area, such as the Mediterranean.

We connect the realities operating in the Mediterranean Area in order to find common points of encounter and confrontation in favor of mutual opportunities.

Onda Mediterranea promotes and enhances economic opportunities, cultural and social, in synergy and enhanced by identity and common traditions with the aim of ensuring the presence in the Mediterranean culture of a garrison of economic development of the service members involved in the whole 'area.

Consequently promotes and carries out studies, analysis and research to contribute to the knowledge of an innovative business culture to create added value in economic and social environment, taking into account the natural role of Italy as the economic and political bridge between Continental Europe and the Mediterranean countries.

The cooperation among the Mediterranean countries as a response to the crisis and shared solutions as a tool for economic revival.
As an alternative to current systems, a new organization of work by creating a network that promotes a "Solidarity Institute for Compensation" with an innovative formula that would once again guarantee loans to businesses and resources to protect the population.

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